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The Networking and Telecommunications Research Group is one of the first research groups in Brazil to develop activities in the sensor network area. One of the project is the SensorNet, partially sponsored by CNPq and CAPES, both brazilian government research agencies. The research activities developed for the group aim new solutions for wireless sensor network in areas such as architectural projects, network management, protocol and application development, energy consumption and security. Amongst the main activities distinguished:

  • Wireless Sensor Network and Smart Camera
  • This activity aims the development of architecture to accomplish the monitoring of cubical environments through the integration of sensors and intelligent cameras. The goal is to promote the research, development, and technological innovation in the WSN that can be applied in the areas as ambient, industrial, security, and so on.

  • Middleware for Sensor Network
  • The objective of this research is project and implements a middleware that can be able to support the development of monitoring applications environments using wireless sensor networks.

  • Wireless Sensor Network Security
  • This research aims study and evaluate the main existing cryptography algorithms applied the WNS area.

  • Statistical Techniques for Construction of Energy Maps in WSN
  • This project aims to study and to evaluate the main statistical techniques for the construction of energy maps in WSN. The objective is modeling the energy waste of sensor nodes using statistical techniques and time series models.