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Tracking Big Structures

A study in “model based tracking” techniques focused on the track of “big structures”. It explores literature resources in computer vision, 3D modeling and image processing intending to propose a new specific pipeline and set of techniques for track of uncommonly oversized complex objects, such as some buildings, ships and heavy machinery. [MELO, Givanio J, 2015]

Last Events

VISIGRAPP 2014 – Lisbon
15 Jan

VISIGRAPP 2014 – Lisbon

Saulo Pessoa and Vinicius Cesar will represent the GRVM in Lisbon at the VISAPP 2014, part of the 9t...
WRVA 2013 – Jataí
11 Nov

WRVA 2013 – Jataí

The 10th edition of the Virtual and Augmented Reality Workshop - WRVA happened this year in Jataí - ...
SVR 2013 – Cuiabá
27 May

SVR 2013 – Cuiabá

In 2013, Cuiabá (Mato Grosso) will host the Symposium on Virtual and Augmented Reality. The XV ...

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